Red Beans


  • 1 pkg (16 oz.) dried pinto beans, rinsed
  • water to cover beans plus 2 inches
  • pkg of salt pork or the fattiest end of a package of bacon
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • med. onion, diced or sliced thick


In a  slow cooker pot, place rinsed beans, add water to cover beans plus 2 inches, add the bacon, salt & pepper, and onion.

Turn on low and cook for 10-12 hours or until beans are done, all cookers vary. 
Mine takes a good 12 hours,  but my mom’s growing up took less time. We both have Crock Pot Brand cookers but hers did not have the removable crock and I think that maybe the heat conducted better, letting things cook more evenly and faster.

Double check the water every so often, about half way through, your beans may have soaked up the water and you’ll need to add more so not to burn them. The top beans will not cook if not soaked.

Serve when ready with rice and/or cornbread for a great hardy meal, and cheap.

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