Is it a swag or is it a centerpiece?

It’s Both!

Gold magnolias, gold silk baby’s breathe, frosted ivy, and blueberry accents.  Made special for a friends’ parent’s fiftieth wedding anniversary.

A centerpiece was the order of the day for an 8-foot table, with my freedom to do whatever I thought would be good, I just added the extra perk for it to be hung up after, as a memory of the special occasion.

Taking into consideration that like most of us, table space is limited in our homes, yet wall space is a dime a dozen.  So to be able to offer the piece as a displayable memory after the needed event, a swag was the best option to attain this goal and this is what we got.

Supply list:

  • 20-inch grapevine swag base (looks like a bow tie)
  • 4 magnolias
  • 1 stem of blueberries with wooded twirls
  • 1 bunch of silk baby’s breathe
  • 2 med. bushes of ivy (2 bushes are required to get equal pieces of equal length to make the piece symmetrical)
  • 1 gold 50th-anniversary medallion as an accent for the special occasion and to mark the front/bottom so that it gets set and hung appropriately, definitely optional

Approximate cost to build: $50.00

Tip:  My greatest secret is that I would never pay this much to make this,  this cost to make is sticker price.  What I want to stress is, totally take advantage of craft store sales, I only paid 25.00 (plus tax of course) to make this piece.  Unfortunately, some of us either do not listen to free advice or don’t hit the stores during the best sales, so I list the sticker price so that you know what you could be getting into if you can’t find a sale.

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