Worries, Worries….

NO Worries…

Why do we worry about everything? Don’t deny it: you worry about everything, whether you know it or not. Are you cranky? Do you have headaches, stomach aches, or indigestion which split you in two? Then trust me, you’re worrying too much. Even one worry is too many to have and not allow the Lord to take care of, especially those things you can’t control.

I’m guilty of it too. “Once daily Prylosec OTC(rtm)” is the only thing that keeps this body functioning, and fighting against what my mind is doing to it consciously and sub-consciously.

The worries of the world aren’t ours to deal with, nor are the worries of our own lives.

I try and try to leave things in the hands of God and his son, but there always seems to be something I let slip through which I end up worrying about.

I hate my job. I worry and wonder every day why am I still there, despite everything I attempt to move on to something I will hopefully like (or preferably love) better. Questions flood my mind always: Am I missing the Lords message to leave or stay? What if I leave and hate the new Job, or make the mistake of taking a new job that will put a financial strain on my family?

I daily wonder and worry and get extremely frustrated with my job. Because of that, I have to constantly remind myself to look at the situation and see if I can learn why I’m still there and what purpose am I fulfilling for the Lord, if any. For my whole life the Lord led me to my careers and jobs and there was always a purpose and it showed itself at some point. It usually showed itself right about the time I left, but, sometimes I kind of saw the reasons before I knew to go there or needed to leave.

This job, also, has served many purposes and I thought I had come to the end of my time with this job when I married and it allowed me to move and stay employed.

But, I worry about it all the time and I don’t allow myself to be patient enough to let him show me that I’m either stuck there forever or if the next job I need to do for him hasn’t showed up yet.

We are all placed where we are needed. Sometimes it’s early and we need to wait until the rest of the world catches up to the point where we can do our purpose. Sometimes we may get there do what we need to do and then have to wait patiently till our next job for God shows up. (this is the hardest part for me)

Worry, too, about my family. I try not to because I don’t live close enough to them to take care of them. I also worry because even if I were close enough where I could fix “it”, I really can’t fix “it” at all. Sometimes we are not supposed to fix things because the ones who need help and things fixed may need to figure out how to help themselves and not depend on others to do it for them. If it was up to me I would take care of all of them; let them worry about nothing because that would be my job. The Lord, however, did not put me here to worry about others’ problems even though it’s in my will to do so.

I’m also guilty of doing things myself so I know its done and done right, and also because it’s just easier to do something myself than to explain the how’s and whys.
However, this habit has become a curse with my current job. This is because even though I try not to do the others jobs, I end up having to because they won’t do or think for themselves. This is very, very sad and frustrating. We are perfectly capable, smart people working in a place together and only a couple of us seem to know or want to know anything. The others seem to feel that learning is not necessary so long as there is someone there to either do or tell them how every time.

So worries come and go, we just have to learn to let them GO!!

My life would be one of great peace and no worries, except every day I go to work and screw the whole thing up.

Worry if you must, but I really don’t recommend it and the Lord doesn’t, either.

Do you have money problems? No problem. Take care of the things that are important and forget the things that are wasteful and not necessary. Give, Give, Give! If you don’t think you have enough to give to the needy, a church, or just to show someone that your thinking of them, then your going to have even less to take care of the important things. What you give unto the Lord will return 10 times over (Note 1). It will also make you feel very good at the same time. Your return may not come back monetarily or right away, but rather, when you need something it will usually show up just at the right time.

Do You have marital problems? Then talk to each other, respect each other, LISTEN to each other.

Women: stop expecting too much from your husbands/boyfriend. They are heading down the same road you are, so if something bothers you it probably bothers him, too. Men often don’t know how to express things. It’s not in their nature to be able to express things and you can’t change it. Be patient. Stop complaining about everything. If you don’t like it, change it. Don’t spend all the money doing it. If you need more money, GET A JOB!

Men: women are complicated enough without trying to figure them out. God either gave you more patience than he gave women or he could have just given you the great ability to ignore small things that are bothersome. So, keep being patient. Listen, and watch. Paying a little attention to your significant other could save and/or change a lot. If she cries, hold her. If she seems cranky, just hold on. Buy her some flowers to say “I Love You” and maybe her crankiness will pass more quickly. If you want to, ask her what’s wrong. If you do this, though, be prepared to listen. Try to at least remember the important parts of the story, there could be a pop quiz later.

Do you have problems at work? I have no advice because this is my worry, too. Try to be patient and to be open to when or if the Lord needs you to move on. If you need a job, be very patient; and, don’t be picky if your rent and bills needs to be paid. Pray.

Do you have problems with your children? Children are often the hardest to not worry about. You want to protect them and teach them all you know, but at some point they stop listening to you and they are harder to protect. Locking them in their room is not an option. You have to let them experience the world outside your door or they will never truly learn anything. Street smarts and common sense count for a lot. Book smarts can get you Ivy League, but not learning things about the real world leaves them vulnerable to really being shell-shocked or hurt when they have to enter the real world without you.

Teach the important things from the beginning so when they seem to have stopped listening, what you have already planted will continue to grow until they need it and remember to use it. Discipline is a must. Children cannot be allowed to run your life and be out of control. Children left with no boundaries or accountability are the ones who expect the world to cater to them and they will not be ready to work for their share of the world. Highly disciplined (though not abused) children turn out to have a better head about them and are more inclined to do for others more than think of themselves first all the time. Our children are Gods, too. We (whether we like it or not) have to put them in his hands as well. Worry if you will, but keep doing your job as a parent and leave their outcome up to the Lord. If you do those two things, then there really isn’t anything to worry about.

Our lesson today: Worries and worrying…..

Our solution for this lesson: STOP IT!!!!!!

That’s God’s job…..

Note 1: Matthew 19:28-29, Mark 10:29-30

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