The simplest, yet most made complicated thing God ever gave us.

It seems to me that the simplest things or tasks are the ones people make the most complicated. Simplicity is not understood, its child’s play, if there isn’t a 100 page manual or a toll free number to call for service or support we don’t get it. I almost envy a child or the simple minded because they seem to reach the Lord so easily and the stuff we worry about that should be left to him they do leave to him.
I have been blessed enough not to be made to grow up to the harshness of this world that most have to go through, which leaves them like a child who doesn’t believe in Santa any more. Same concept with Christ, seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. So that leaves me in a position that I feel as if I can reach him, see him and believe in him, in ways that others don’t. lately though I have been having to pray that I haven’t grown up, and that I don’t want to because I don’t want to lose the connection that I feel with him, struggles and junk that I have been allowing to jumble my brain has left me feeling that I might be losing this and so I pray that I’m not growing up. Turns out that I just have not been resting enough in the lord to be able to be connected and I need to get out of that rut to get my connection back.
God’s love, so many search for it and long for the closeness with him as if he was a physical being.
The longing for the love of our Father is everywhere with very little understanding of how to receive it, obtain it, own it.
The problem I see mostly is with people’s approach to finding God’s love and the extreme complexity and lengths they go to find something this wonderful, when there doesn’t need to be any searching or hunting for it at all.
Our Fathers love is the last complicated thing on the face of the earth and all of heaven and creation. Somehow though the complexity is that “to love”, “be loved by”, or “spread the love” of our Father is so simple, so not hard that most people just don’t get it.
Which brings up the question to me, why on earth would people feel that God has made something he is willing to give so freely and to allow us to spread freely and unconditionally so complicated.
He wouldn’t, it has to be simple enough that even that simplest of minds understand and can give and receive without fail.
A baby knows the Lord, his love and how to give it before they even know what it’s called or know words or to be able to think for themselves.
An adult who wasn’t developed properly in the womb, with no concept of this world making sense to them, lost but found, they don’t know or retain information to function completely on their own, but yet they love and God our Father is in every one of them, to protect, to love , to guide.
These two examples of innocence, with sin all around them, influencing them and even possibly steering them into places and situations that are wrong or bad for them, still completely and wholly understand and work the love of our Father in every part of their lives and others who are blessed to come in contact with them.

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