Self Attitudes

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we insist on letting our inside monsters and demons overpower the love we have for the Lord and the love he has for us.

Judging is something we know we shouldn’t do to others, yet we are the first to judge ourselves before anyone else has a chance. When we do, we are harder and harsher than any stranger.

The Lord does not judge us so why should we. There is only one time in our life that judgment comes into play and that is at the end of days. Even then there won’t be much to judge if we accept God’s salvation through Christ.

The Lord and his Father love us and stand beside us, waiting for us to rise up and stand beside them.

We need to stand up and step out of the ruts we put ourselves in.

All the judgments we put on ourselves usually stem from deeper emotions. Those deeper emotions stem from guilt, shame, self hatred from past hurts, experiences, trials and tribulations. We fail to come to terms with all this past stuff and it turns into self-judgmental attitudes which do us no good at all.

Someone who has been hurt by others can rise up out of this self destruction by coming to realize they did nothing to deserve what has been done to them. You should never be ashamed of someone else’s wrong actions against you if you did nothing to provoke it. To hide and be ashamed of another’s actions means they (and the devil) are winning the spiritual battle to bring you down, down, down, to a level they think you can’t get out of to reach the Father’s love. Keeping quiet about someone’s wrong doings toward you or someone else gives power to evil forces and doesn’t stop them from doing those things anymore. Never feel you are responsible for being mistreated or abused. No one ever deserves that and if you don’t put a stop to it, then things might only get worse and usually do.

Only one person in creation was abused for a reason, and he died for that reason.

Abused for us and died for us… For What?

Our Freedom!

We are free. We are free from abuse, sin, guilt, shame, and any bad emotion that the devil could try to cast upon us. We are free.

Stand up and free yourself from the evils that drag you down, because you are………….


Perfectionist attitudes lead to perfect self destruction.

If everything must be done right or just so, to be able to gain the Lord’s love and faith in him, then you might as well hang up your hat , because nothing is perfect, you’re not perfect, and you don’t have to be perfect to love or be loved by the Father.

Jesus did not expect perfection when he lived here the 1st time. Although sinless, he was human and very open to making mistakes, just as we are. Even more, he didn’t need or want everything perfect or done completely right except only having faith in him.

Whether at a party or a gathering, for example, with lots of people, he did not worry that everything was just so. He did not worry if there was enough food, good decorations, or if everything was clean, mowed, or straightened. There were some gatherings where he even took a nap.

No Worries! He’s the ultimate Aussie because he let everything come as it did and dealt with it as it came.

Negative attitudes toward ourselves are just as bad and powerful as someone else’s negative attitudes toward us. A child growing up with someone constantly telling them that there is something wrong with them, they are bad, no good, will never amount to anything, or even silence (no words good or bad are just as harmful) will eventually start to believe those things and it is then set in there own mind that it’s true and that’s the way they are.

So if a child can start believing lies from people who are close to them, then what would stop us from not believing our own lies?

Eventually, your negative thoughts and words spread to others and can bring down the whole mood or situation. It doesn’t seem to matter how much the people around you tell you otherwise, you refuse to believe how good a person you are or how well you can do what you do.

The person who doesn’t do anything because they don’t feel that they are capable of achieving it is the one who loses out on finding out just how wonderful a person God made.

You can only blame yourself if you let other people’s opinions get the better of you and control your every move in life. They don’t know you, only God and his son know you and they think that you are a wonderful and unique person who can do all things in them.

Nothing good happens in this world without God. We must all take him with us, if there is anything we want to do or it will surely fail.

Just remember – bad moods and attitudes spread like wild fires and rub off on others like a common cold and with no cure but our Lord.

No one’s perfect. Only God and his risen Son are the perfect ones. Perfection is the farthest thing from their mind for you. They only want you to know and love them. They love you as you are.

Finally, you who are abused or have been are to rise up and meet the Lord to let him fight your battles for you. You must make the first step against the spiritual warfare the devil is setting on you and remove yourself from the place he attacks. Turn back to them what they have done to you through love and faith in the Father to take care of them for you. Bring light to the ones who do wrong and the Light of Life will shine forever, wiping out all evil that surrounds the innocent.

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