The Fazooey


The Fazooey

Standing 3 feet tall when fluffed, measuring 5 feet across! The giant of bean bags overtakes our little living room and swallows up all who dare to sit.

Doing things myself, I found this idea from a magazine ad for Love Sac, a place that make huge bean bags for alternative furniture.  BUT, the price was not right for my budget, so I made my own.  Taking the concept of how a bean bag sits, I free handed a pattern for each panel and joined the top and the bottom with a circle piece.  The bottom circle was cut in half to insert the largest zipper i could find to be able to fill and reseal easily.  I found a local company that sold shredded furniture foam and after near 200 pounds of foam and a small car to haul it in, it was filled. Shredded foam is best so that it can be re-fluffed and it will not flatten and die like the bean bags that use Styrofoam pellets. Also, use furniture or upholstery strength material to prevent teared and to lengthen the wear and tear.

Fair warning, if you are going to attempt to make one yourself; double, if not, triple stitch all seams, and stuff in the room it’s going to live in.  Once stuffed it doesn’t move through doors anymore unless vacuum compressed.  We moved shortly after it was built and i devised a vacuum bag out of plastic, used for painters drop clothes, and nonporous plastic tape to seal the edges.  Leave a small hole in a corner and use a vacuum to suck all the air out.  It becomes thin enough to get through the doors and should stay collapsed till you get to where your going, if it’s carried and not dragged to cause holes in the plastic.

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  1. I love this thing. It’s great for lounging in front of the TV or working with a laptop computer in comfort.

    I will attest that it’s a pain to move! It’s heavy and bulky, so follow Jen’s advice to stuff it in the room you plan for it to be in.


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