Flower Business

I learned at a young age that I had a talent with flowers, my family floated in and out of flower shops working for and then owning one.  God had other plans for us than this type of business but he couldn’t take away the joy I had using the talents he gave me during that time.

The business we owned won third place in a display contest for our town’s local fair.

My heart was always in funeral pieces, my joy was in leaving the bereaved with a lasting image of beauty in a time of great sorrow. If I could do this again without the case of making a living, funeral pieces would be my specialty.  I only wished I had taken more pictures, I made some awesome pieces with the Lord guiding my hands the whole way.

Once I had a job in a flower wholesale warehouse,  it was only temporary, but it gave me some freedom with the flower talents I never had before. I only wish that I could have had more time to hone in on the skills that God gave me, to master the art of flowers fresh or silk.  The arrangements are seen in this series of posts from my time there is all silk.  The warehouse had display areas that we decorated to show different techniques and new products.

The holding pattern was to figure out where God wanted me next.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t anywhere with flowers, but as you hopefully have noticed from my posts that I do what I can with the flowers I can get my hands on.


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