Elvis Sweater Number 2

Amazing what you can do with a little material and a sewing machine.  People tell me I should sell these, but this was all the Elvis material left in the stores in the area.  I too, don’t know the copyright stipulations for E.P.E. merchandise. This is sweater number 2, Elvis sweater number 1 is blue with different pictures.

Below the pictures is a listing of supplies and description of what I did if the Elvis fan in you comes out and wants one too.

Description & supplies:

  •  one sweatshirt, cut in front slightly down middle take in consideration for overlap, measure, you don’t want your center to be off once it’s buttoned up and edges hemmed to prevent fraying
  • 1/2 yards of various Elvis fabric with non-overlapping pictures that can be cut out easily, leave extra material around a picture to be folded & ironed under when sewed to not have any raw edges showing
  • A decorative edging from the fabric or Elvis blanket binding for the front, sew over edges and add buttons and buttonholes
  • slant 2 pictures in the front to create pockets
  • arrange pictures in a collage fashion and pin.
  • if your sewing machine makes decorative stitches, be random and sew each picture with a different stitch, you can repeat if you only have a few that you like or will secure the picture.  My machine is a Brother model that is not available now, but this model is similar for an idea if you don’t have one

Approximate cost: $25.00 depending on the cost of the fabric

This item was a smash at Graceland when worn to compliment my shoes.

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