I Will NOT Be Offended

I set out on this journey after the enemy blatantly attacked me at work one day because he knew what he could do would get my goat.
My whole life has been set on a fear to not hurt anyone, to not upset them, be nice, always be good and don’t mess up. Don’t really know where this was based on or embedded in my psyche but it has been a root to evil. So I live each day in fear of messing up, upsetting people and worry that I’ll hurt someone, even if not intentional I fear it. The devil knows this well and he has used it, and used it, and used it against me. He keeps using it and this blog is my hope to end this rain of terror that he controls me with.

This journey was suggested to me by a co-worker, we had talked briefly in the past about a book we had read by Joyce Meyer “Battlefield of the Mind”. My co-worker told me of her journey of trying to change her mind set, being from harsher areas of this country where common courtesy isn’t common and being a baby Christian she new she needed to do something so that when the enemy used rude and inconsiderate people to cross her path, she would know what to do to deal with them. She has in my own opinion come a long away in a good way since I first met her. I have know her before and after Christ and he has done wonders. She told me what she did to get over the attacks so the devil didn’t win the war of my mind and so I’m going to try it and I thought I would include the world on my journey in hopes that my hurts could help others and the devil would not win with his latest attack. Foiled again by the grace of God.

The task is finding the specific chapter that Mrs. Meyer talks about the certain attack that the devil pulled on you that day, and devote yourself to that chapter for as long as it takes for the enemy to be driven from our mind about that issue.  Reading and rereading, following the bible references and back again.  I gave my copy of battlefield to my mom thinking she needed it more than me, but my backup plan involves Mrs. Meyers second book on the matter ” Power Thoughts,” which is set up the same and holds the very issues that i need help with.  “Power Thoughts” will work quite nicely for this mission, just keeping up with it and not falling off the task at hand will be my only problem.

The following entries are my thoughts and findings in the Word and from Joyce Meyers book “Power thoughts”. As I read I will enter what goes through my heart and hope it reaches yours:

1st time thru:

  • Pray for and forgive those led by Satan to offend you for they do not know any better. They have closed themselves off to any love and aloud anger and rudeness to control which are the devils playthings
  • Must learn to heart: I am difficult to offend. I freely and quickly forgive.
  • My fear stands on offending and hurting others, so that opens the door wide for the devil to make someone offend me in the ways I don’t want to offend them when I haven’t.
  • Constantly wanting to make people happy leaves me wide open for the ones that you can’t make happy, then Satan turns it back on me as a lie that it was my fault they got upset.
  • Transform do not conform. Don’t fall into the traps of this world for we in Christ are not of this world we are only in it, be as the Lord transforming with love not conforming to the hate.

John 8:23

  • Revenge is mine says the Lord. Do not fall into the old law of ” an eye for an eye”.  Jesus revoked that law when he brought pure non judging love to earth and taught us to forgive our enemies and love them no matter what. We as humans don’t agree with a lot of the punishments of criminals these days, depending on what they did.  We feel that some of them did not pay enough, falling back to the only law that people want to remember when it’s convenient. Yes a person who hurts or kills a child should be punished severely, but it’s not our job to do so, God has a special place for those who are truly evil. Our job is only to detain them and be patient till the Father takes care of them in his time and ways, not ours.
  • Forgive your enemy it pisses the devil off.

Matthew 18:21-22

Mark 11:22-26

  • If you want forgiveness you must forgive
  • Sew and reap, kindness reaps kindness and makes the devil very angry. Forgive him too.

Galatians 6:6-9

Matthew 6:14-15

  • The devil has his kryptonite and it’s love, where there is love the devil can not resided there.

Galatians 5:22-25

Psalm 119:165

  • Go out into this world with a wise eye, desperate times call for desperate measures, be quick to forgive not quick to anger. People now a days don’t get the spiritual guidance they need to build them up to Christ like and treat their fellow man with any descent respect. Unfortunately it’s only going to get worse if something doesn’t change, our young people don’t hardly have any respect for themselves much less any respect for others.

Mark 11:22-26

  • Keeping in mind that too big of a percentage of this world neglect their knowing better or don’t know any better because us as Christians have not done our jobs of rearing them properly and training them to fight against the evils that run rampant around us. The “Christian” people as a whole has failed our fellow man, holding back and pinning them down in judgement and ridicule, rules and regulations, everything opposite of what our Lord came to teach us.
  • I have a mental image that I wish I could get as a permanent one to link to my feelings, is the image of what the Romans did to Christ on calvery, there is nothing anyone can do to me that matches that and if he can bare that punishment from us then we can forgive, pray for and disregard a duffuss that wants to get in your face cause he’s been stuck with his kids all day on spring break and he can’t handle it.

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