Kaylee’s 7th Birthday Cake


Start with a skeleton, PVC mounted to a piece of plywood.

Form leg, arms, and head out of rice treats.  Tip: use a ganache or icing on the PVC so the treats have something to adhere to.  Icing is used to “dirty ice” the treats and cake so that the fondant will adhere to surfaces.

Use white fondant to make it any color you need.  Add frosting tint to your fondant then knead till well blended into even color.  Roll to desired thickness and apply to a dirty iced sculpture.

Frequent refrigeration may be required if the kitchen is not cold enough, plus it will help in hardening icings to prevent melting and fondant from sliding off.

Be aware that fondant will dry out and needs to be shaped in the exact form required because it will become brittle and break apart.  Frustrating lessons learned from this fondant adventure.

Also, non-toxic glue should be used on the PVC joints to prevent movement.  The weight of the cake/treats and fondants will cause the joints to move.  As seen above, I learned this lesson too late, the joints stayed still till I applied the fondant, then a creative cover of a garden hoe was required to hold her arm up.

The rice treats created a new and unique challenge, the original plan for her hands became rounded nubs that then had to be creatively disguised by a large flower and a big butterfly.

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