Christmas Patio

I have been cursed the last couple of places that we have lived with patios that face the west, and in Texas the western sun can burn eggs on a sidewalk, green thumbs turn brown on western facing patios.  Anything and everything that I have tried to grow on my patios usually ends up dead if it doesn’t get burned to a brown crisp first.  So much heat and not enough water to help the situations; plus the fact that our patio overhangs another persons patio and watering too many plants often made it rain on there parade.  SO, I decided that I would keep my live plants inside and do my magic with silks and artificials outside.

This year we finally got a home that was big enough to decorate for Christmas again, I got to pull out all my Extra and left over Christmas Flowers to put to some good eye candy use.

First when I decided to just deal in artificial plants on my patio, I took all my planters that I had killed things in and made railing planter boxes by drilling holes in the side and zip tying them to the railing.  Inserted some Styrofoam and then I was good to go.  The first flowers in my boxes got to be for Christmas, I hope that you enjoy the following pictures and inspire you to create, create. create.  Happy flowering:

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