My Orchid is Blooming

I as many of you probably have found out, that Orchids are quite cantankerous and can be very hard to keep alive much less get to bloom again.  Well let me tell you that it is possible.  I purchased a purple orchid in the spring, it was so pretty and even though they are not very cheap I purchased it and took it home with the expectation that it wouldn’t be around long and I would enjoy it while I could.  7 months later I can proudly say that I did something right this time, not sure what; a lot of worrying, keeping a keen eye on it at all times, don’t know.  I read a little about them and what I should do, but it only scared me more and made me just know I was going to kill it.  I placed it in my south western facing kitchen window that was shaded in the evenings, watched it, watered it, enjoyed it while it was in bloom.  Then we moved.  Oh where was I going to keep my orchid, It had lost its blooms and had just started to(with my excitement) sprout out more leaves. WOW, it was growing and not dying.  Oh man, this new place has a south western facing window in the living room, but way more sun comes in that window, “It’s going to die now, It’s got too much sun!”.  Evidently not, now 5 months into our new place and a risky re-potting, “IT’S BLOOMING!!!”  Wooo Hooo, it likes it here.

Well I’m very excited with this achievement, not sure anyone else will be.  So excited I want to tell someone but not sure anyone close to me would have the same excitement.  So, I wrote this post to someone out there  in the world who likes orchids or just likes flowers so they can be excited with me.  When I saw the flowering shoot start to pop out I started photo documenting it’s progress for fun or if nothing else to prove that it bloomed again in my custody if for some reason I killed it.  Enjoy it’s progress with me:

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