I was listening to the radio the other day and someone brought up that sunflowers follow the path of the sun which is called heliotropism and related it to following Christ.  I thought, wow, that’s a blog for me.

When I started to research, to know what exactly heliotropism was, I found out that this was actually a myth about sunflowers following the sun, but all wasn’t lost, It’s still going to be a good topic and totally metaphoric in a Christ way.

Heliotropism is defined as a seasonal motion of plants to follow the path of the sun, discovered in ancient Greece.  Some plants move their blooms to the sun and some plants move their leaves.  A lot of science has gone into studying this process and why they do this. Although that is a blog all on its own and there are many out there if you’d like to read more, I’d like to get to the purpose of my blog and what heliotropism means to us as followers of our own Son.

Sunflowers do have some heliotropic qualities but it only happens before the plant develops it’s blooms.  After, the sunflower blooms it turns and faces East and can possibly be a living compass for anyone who’s lost.

Hmmm, some of that seems awfully familiar, doesn’t it?  If it doesn’t than you may only be in a place where your still looking and asking questions. We can get you to thinking with this one at least.

Like the sunflower we are planted(born) and sprout into small pieces of a big miracle.  The sunflower is growing, God planted the seed and it looks and searches for the true light(the sun) so that it knows which way is up(Isaiah 60:1).  It finds the light and follows it till it has matured enough to be set free and bloom with all the beauty that the sun has given it to show its miracle of life. It gives to others with its seeds to eat and feeds the needy with everything that it can spare of whats left over for cattle feed and/or fertilizer for new crops.

We find our selves mimicking this pattern almost exactly when we follow Gods plan to His letter.  We are born and we search and seek (Psalm 43:3) the true light which we find only in Christ Jesus. When we find that the only way to the true path of what God has planned for us, we sprout and find that the true light is feeding us direction in our lives, we grow, we learn, we feed on the bread of life. Then, one day when we get it, the light bulb comes on to what its all about, we are set completely free to bloom and spread the good news of what we have learned in the journey.  We see the needs of others before our own and we give what we have and more to “fertilize” others with the seeds we are implanted with by Christ to plant and feed to others so that they can one day get it and blossom into a people version of SON-flowers(John 3:21).

After all the work is done to create a beautiful bloom then the peace of knowing which way we go is set.  We focus on our true East and look only to Christ for our direction and to be our living compass of life(John 8:12).

All plants lean to the light in some degree, and they know what is good and grow to what is true.  If you ever see a plant leaning toward a window, turn it around and see the next time you look that it did not start leaning back to the window.

We are the same. We can lean and grow to the true light of Christ, but this fallen world that we live in can turn us away from our true east before we realize where we are.  The good news is that we only have to keep the light in our hearts always, then no matter which direction this world turns us (Proverbs 13:9), we will always lean toward our true light of Jesus and He will always be there with arms open to help you back to your true East focus(Matthew 28:19-20).

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