Kaylee’s 8th Birthday Cake

Better late than never… the theme this year was baseball and mustaches..

Her wish was my command..

You will need the Wilton soccer ball half pan and a round pan, i bolted a piece of PVC to the board and cut a hole in the center of the cake, the PVC helps the cake to hold up. I used a yellow cake mix for the two halves in the ball pan and a chocolate mix for the round cake pan.

The round cake went between the two halves to make the ball larger, make sure to cut the humps off the tops of the cakes so that they lay flat against each other. I put some frosting between as you would a layer cake.

I had to put some cake pieces at the base to raise slightly and stabilize. I mixed the left over icing with the cake humps that i cut off to make dirt for the pitchers mound.  I did it in stages, by putting it back in the fridge, so that it didn’t get hot and try to melt or get too soft. I let the cake settle over night after i dirty iced, before i put the fondant on, because the PVC in the middle was as tall as the cake when it first went on, then after settling it was then taller.  Had i put the fondant on first, it would have ripped through and no way to fix.  This way i was able to fill in with extra frosting and round it off better before placing fondant.

2013-05-10 15.23.54

Dirty iced the outside and covered in fondant.  I placed whole shell peanuts at base to cover the bottom of the fondant.


2013-05-10 15.42.40




2013-05-10 16.48.16

The seams, i drew on with red gel icing. The mustache and eyes are cut out of foam poster board with bamboo skewers glued to the back to push into the cake.

2013-05-11 14.58.23


Supplemented with funfetti cupcakes with mustache and baseball decor for extra players.


2013-05-11 18.18.02


The scoreboard was cut out of foam board, printed the scores on the printer and the candles stuck into the top like the fireworks at the end of a real game.

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