Corn Bread Dressing

6 boxes of Jiffy corn bread mix, prepared as per the box instructions 6 hard boiled eggs, diced 6 stalks of celery, chopped into small pieces 6 green onions, diced small 2 boxes of chicken broth 8 cups of water with chicken base to make more broth*** Poultry seasoning Sage powder In a large bowl,... Continue Reading →

Key Lime Supreme

1 can key lime pie filling 2 pkgs graham crackers (box has 3 pkgs) 1 tub whipped topping In a medium sized glass dish or pie plate, place 3 crackers with a dab of whipped topping on the bottom to prevent sliding around. ¬†Place 2 - 3 spoonfuls of key lime filling on crackers and... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Supreme

1can Chocolate pie filling (or small box of instant pudding) 2 pkgs of graham crackers (box comes with 3 pkgs) 1small tub of whipped topping 1 dark chocolate or milk chocolate Hershey bar Cocoa powder In a medium sized glass dish or pie plate, place 3 ¬†unbroken crakers on plate with a dab of whipped... Continue Reading →

Mercy Found Me

Listen:   Mercy finds me everyday. Every morning that I can make it to work. Every afternoon that i make it home. Every night that I have my soul mate to spend the rest of Gods day with. Mercy comes when I cant make it through the day living as Christ did, being forgiven for... Continue Reading →

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