We Only Need One



In Christ alone, the only one, the very light of the world that causes all darkness to burst into light.  What is it that the world thinks they need that can do any of this?

Money, people, things, ones self.. all these are nothing and will be nothing unless Christ is aloud by our free will to control and dominate every aspect of our life.

We own nothing, we have nothing, we are nothing.  everything on this earth is Gods and Christs, we are only here to take care of what is here and we only get more to take care if we prove ourselves to him that we are worthy and trusted to lead life’s charge of protecting and distributing what is Gods.  We are nothing without God, he made you and he can take you.  The mothers’ saying that “I brought you into this world, I can take you out!” when mom is angry, where do you think she got that.  God puts all of us here and can control who stays and goes(without anger involved), so we are nothing that He hasn’t had a hand in and will be nothing worth being unless we put His hand in it.

Jesus hung on that Cross for a reason and that was to save our sorry butts from the fiery hell that the enemy(devil) was and is plaguing the world with.  The moment that “snake” slithered into the garden in the beginning, the enemy has latched onto us because he is confident that he will sway the free will God gave us in his favor and keep us from doing Gods will freely.

Christ rose from the tomb on that third day so that He could live with each and every one of us daily and never have to leave our side.  When He was in flesh, he loved greatly and served with healing, prayer and love.  Wishing so that he didn’t have to leave any child that he met, but knew that he had great things to do before the day that was coming when Heaven’s grace and mercy won over sin. His spirit couldn’t wait for the day that he could not be in the flesh, holy and away from fleshly feelings and muck so to always be with us no matter where or when.

In Christ alone we are everything we can dream of being. Everything that God dreams of us being.  In Christ alone all grace and mercy falls freely like rain and we are not condemned any longer for where we have been or what we have done.  All that’s needed is to give freely our hearts to Christ, God and the Holy Spirit and try our best.

He will always love us no matter what, and we are always welcome in the Kingdom in heaven and on earth.  His arms stretched on that cross was one gigantic hug to all of us that says, “Come and Live in Me, for I am the Light of the World and All that is in it.”

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