The joy of a song



The joy of a song is something almost indescribable, the heart can find something about music that our minds cant understand sometimes.  The joy of a song can lift us up in anytime of life when nothing else can, our saddest moments can be turned around or eased by a positive tune placed in our ear just at the right time by our Father in heaven.  Our happiest times can be made even better and we can even find ourselves singing along when we’re happy.  Good songs and bad ones hold memories like a scrapbook, like a time machine, a song can transport us anywhere in time that we were when we remember hearing a certain song, good or bad.

My favorites include Big band, Christian Rock, Christian contemporary, Elvis(he stands alone), anything pre-1974(which is only funny because that’s when I was born).  The most important to me is if I can sing along, the best songs in my collection are the ones that i can sing with and get my feet tapping.  I work in a place where i’m alone a lot and have all the freedom in the world to sing and dance while i do my work, but don’t tell my bosses because then they might sell the video surveillance footage to funniest home videos or drop me onto YouTube for a laugh.

A song can send you soaring like a bird, high where only our Father in heaven can go with us.  I love singing his praise and singing it loud and meeting him where ever the song takes me.  I have not yet been baptized in the Holy Spirit but I know that when I sing just the right song that the Holy Spirit comes to me and gives me the voice to reach the heavens so that the Father and Jesus hear every word of my love for them.

The bible is full of music, the whole book of Psalms is a song.  David wrote these with great praises for God, the man after Gods own heart couldn’t keep in what God was doing and saying to him.  David rejoiced in the Lord by writing all his songs for the world to read and sing.  Example: Psalm 68:4 and Psalm 150:1-6

Always fill your world with good positive music, music that lifts up and not brings down.  Too many songs out there are depressing and harmful, leading us to stinky thinking, bad attitudes, wrong ideas of life.  God created good music and the Angels are singing all the time for our Father and want you to sing with them, only if the song doesn’t make you smile in your heart, they don’t know the words and wont sing with you, only guard you and help you find a more clear station.

Love life and keep singing as you go..




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