This is the way I make smoked brisket without a smoker**, in Texas everyone needs a smoker for this, but when you rent apartments, they frown on people with smokers that are bigger than our apartment or use fire. I had to devise the best way I could to smoke a brisket without the smoke.

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

In a large roaster pan or in a really large cake pan sprayed with oil on the sides, place your brisket in your pan.  If you cook it with the fatty side down the meatier side it will be drier like you can get at the BBQ places, if you cook it fatty side up the meat will be juicier and if cooked long enough will fall apart like a roast and melt in your mouth. The fat juices flow down, so if your put fat side up then the meat will soak in those juices the whole time and soak up more flavor and no basting is required.

Once you have picked your side, pour the whole bottle/s of liquid smoke over the meat and then sprinkle as much of my house seasoning onto it as you like.  If you do not want to use my seasoning, lots of black pepper, some garlic powder, onion powder are all good substitutions, mix and match your flavors.

Cover with aluminum foil and cook for hours, typically 4-6. When you’ve checked it at 4 hours, you could at this point take the foil off and add some BBQ sauce if you would like to the meaty side up and finish cooking a couple more hours.  BBQ sauce will have to be your choice, I have a recipe for this, but that is my only secret the world wide web will never know. Plus, my husband says a good brisket needs no sauce.

**If by chance that you have a smoker available to you, then rub your meat in your seasonings of choice and wrap in foil, omit the liquid smoke.  Place on a heated smoker and cook for hours, typically 4-6 again.  I have also cooked my briskets as I did in the top and then added them to a smoker after they were done, wrapped in foil and let them smoke awhile (a couple hours) and they are more awesome.

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