Coconut and Banana Delight



Start with your coconut.  Be sure to buy one that you can hear the water sloshing inside, this means that the shell is intact and a better chance that it is good. You will need a meat clever or other heavy-duty kitchen utensils to open it.  Hold your coconut in your hand over a bowl and start hitting it against the grain, it will crack around the circumference and not from axis to axis, odd I know but it does. Once you strike water, stop momentarily and use a knife to pry it open to let the coconut water drain into a bowl or cup to use for the sauce.  When the water is drained then continue your whacking and bust it to pieces, literally. (Check the meat once opened for mold to make sure that there wasn’t a hole in the shell that you weren’t of if there is then don’t eat it.) The smaller the pieces the easier it will be to cut away the meat. Use a pairing knife or flexible fillet knife to cut the meat away from the shell.  It will come loose from the shell with a little prying, but there will be a dark skin still attached that will need to be cut away. Once the meat is rinsed clean, slice into chunks and place in a bowl. You will probably not need the whole coconut, so you can save some for later to eat by itself or with some other recipe.

Once the coconut is cut up, then add sliced bananas, sprinkle the bananas with lemon juice to help keep from browning too quickly.  Strain the coconut water if there is any trash from the shell in it and add it to the bowl.  Add the evaporated milk and stir it all together.

Serve chilled.  OR a really good use for leftovers, add some ice and blend it all together and make an awesome smoothie.


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