Moron Mountain 2.0 For The Unpodcast

old Alpine hiker
Alpine Climber

A new challenge for Just Keeping Busy.  I enlisted myself to create a mountain, but not just any mountain. This is a special mountain for some special people who are trying to educate people and businesses on the right and wrong things to do while serving the general public with online services.

Scott Stratten the creator of the Un-Podcast series, on his Un-Marketing web site, co-hosted and written with Alison Kramer, direct their topics in addressing things that happen in business that should not happen and offer recommendations on how other businesses can avoid the same mistakes.

These two have a mountain, that they call “Moron Mountain” (no relation to the mountain by the same name in “Space Jam“). This mountain contains the names of people and business who have not been too smart about choices that they have made in business and customer service.  The severity of the incident determines where these names end up on the mountain. The more offensive the incident, the higher the name ends up. The idea is based on the game show The Price is Right’s Cliffhanger Game. In this TV game, there is a mountain climber that is moved up the hill and stops when it reaches it’s price goal. On the Un-Postcast, the climber moves up the hill to the level of offence by the company in question.

Original Mountain 2014-04-18_20-32-26_01

Up to this point they have had a wonderfully made mountain, assembled by Alison’s kids. While it served it’s purpose, it was made out of foam board and paper and it had put in it’s time. They needed one that would be more durable to handle the travel back and forth to and from the studios they use for the videos. In their Un-Podcast episode #25 they made a challenge to anyone who could make them a new mountain. The task was asked and the task was accepted.

Mountains can be moved, mine are moved and made one piece at a time:

2014-04-07 13.54.17
Paint, rocks, 2’x3′ pieces of plywood, 2x2x8 piece of wood, and yes a toilet paper roll holder

The first part was cutting the wood to the appropriate sizes:

2014-04-11 15.33.46 2014-04-11 15.34.04

A slot was cut in the back board. For what you say? For the climber of course:

2014-04-14 13.11.23
The Back

Some legs were created and all the pieces were screwed together:

2014-04-14 13.11.54
The Front

The climber is going to be able to be moved up and down the mountain, and stay where they place him till moved again. My own invention will make this possible:

2014-04-14 17.02.34
My invention, Don’t touch!

It’s paint time, I took some green spray paint to apply for my base color.

2014-04-18 15.21.47
Paint time

I then, using white and different shades of blue created a sky.

Can’t have mountains without a sky

Using shades of brown and grey, created the mountains and white for snow caps.  a couple streams will create a nice up stream without a paddle feel.

Mountains and maybe a stream will do
Mountains and maybe a stream will do, there’s no paddles in this river. Hope the recipients of this award can swim

Added a few niceties, trees and grass, boulders. Look out for those rapids, they’re white capping big time.

A few nice touches
A few nice touches

I sprayed on a clear acrylic paint for a clear coat to start. Complimented the decor with a little 3-d effect with some rocks, and yes they’re real.

Now to the artsy side of me.
Now to the artsy side of me

And of course it’s not complete without the Alpine Climber, ready for any adventure.






Being at the bottom of this mountain is a good thing, if you end up on it at all.2014-05-15 18.07.58

The Top, NOT so much … Just ask Air Canada .. 😦 sad for them.

Ok, now to let it set for a several days and then I will spray on a clear coat of paint to set and seal it well, so that all their stickies with the unfortunate souls names will stick well and be able to pull them off with ease if they redeem themselves.

The mountain was shipped carefully to Canada in 50 foot of bubble wrap and Kraft paper. Arrived there in one piece and found it’s place on the set of UnMarketing UnPodcast #34.


Check out the full picture gallery below…

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