The Only Name to Remember

Listen:   Everyone has a name and most people can not remember yours. The only name that anyone should be sure to remember is Jesus. Jesus knows every ones name and never forgets, pay Him the respect of remembering Him and the price he paid to remember your name.

What Does God Want

Listen:   He just wants your heart. If He has your heart, then giving Him every aspect of you life will come. Live for His glory. Let Him be your guide and comfort when things seem outside your grasp of control. All you have to do is simply ask. He's searching for anyone who will... Continue Reading →

Kaylee’s 10th Birthday Cake

Kaylee turned 10 and she's been showing pigs in the farm shows the past couple years.  Her theme was pigs in shades, she wanted a pig cake, so she got show pigs with style. A delightful pageant of glorious fatty pigginess, with only one winner.   Using the sports ball cake mold, I baked up... Continue Reading →

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