Pretty Hooting Cool Owl

After my White Elephant success, I was given the challenge to make an owl. Here it is after lots of research and warnings that this was not a beginner’s gig. No, it’s not for beginners but as you can tell, even a beginner almost amateur as myself can do anything with enough determination.

I referenced the following websites for the basic concepts, how to make the crocodile stitch required and pattern, although most of the owl was made by my own eye and some adaptations that I thought worked better.

Trial and error was key to understanding the crocodile stitch and the pattern that the stitch made for it to work out.

I used a size 5 crochet hook on the body and size 4 for everything else.

All the patterns for this particular owl were all one dimensional, I simply made two and sewed the wrong sides together and stuffed it with craft stuffing.

I adjusted the head pattern by adding a couple extra rows to better proportion with the body. Also, instead of weaving the yarn through the top row to connect the middle to cinch it down. I tied off and found it much easier to attach a piece of yarn exactly where I needed it and cinched it down to make the points on the head.

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