I found this washboard under some stairs in a house we bought. Thought it would look better with some decorating. Boston Fern, English ivy, and some purple heart. 2 wicker balls and some yellow filler.

My Orchid is Blooming

I as many of you probably have found out, that Orchids are quite cantankerous and can be very hard to keep alive much less get to bloom again.  Well let me tell you that it is possible.  I purchased a purple orchid in the spring, it was so pretty and even though they are not very... Continue Reading →

Christmas Patio

I have been cursed the last couple of places that we have lived with patios that face the west, and in Texas the western sun can burn eggs on a sidewalk, green thumbs turn brown on western facing patios.  Anything and everything that I have tried to grow on my patios usually ends up dead... Continue Reading →

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