He Loves Us No Matter What

Listen:   He loves me anyway. It doesn't matter what I do in my life, He will love me and forgive me for anything that I decide to do apart from Him and His plan for my life. EVERYONE has a chance for grace and forgiveness from the Father. Till our very last breathe we... Continue Reading →

Your Invited to a Party!

Your Invited to a party! Where: Anywhere you choose When: Any day you choose What Time: Now, if you choose Instruction to follow: There's going to be a party in your honor. Are you ready? A party of all time for you when everything that you've done, thought and not done will be forgiven and... Continue Reading →

Glorifying the Cross

  Listen:   Glorifying the cross, what does that mean?  What is the meaning of glorifying something that was created by fallen man to be meant as a sign of shame and torture? This symbol of shame and torture was changed on the afternoon that God used it as the one thing that would un-separate... Continue Reading →

The joy of a song

Listen:   The joy of a song is something almost indescribable, the heart can find something about music that our minds cant understand sometimes.  The joy of a song can lift us up in anytime of life when nothing else can, our saddest moments can be turned around or eased by a positive tune placed... Continue Reading →

We Only Need One

Listen:   In Christ alone, the only one, the very light of the world that causes all darkness to burst into light.  What is it that the world thinks they need that can do any of this? Money, people, things, ones self.. all these are nothing and will be nothing unless Christ is aloud by... Continue Reading →


I was listening to the radio the other day and someone brought up that sunflowers follow the path of the sun which is called heliotropism and related it to following Christ.  I thought, wow, that's a blog for me. When I started to research, to know what exactly heliotropism was, I found out that this was... Continue Reading →

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