Pretty Hooting Cool Owl

After my White Elephant success, I was given the challenge to make an owl. Here it is after lots of research and warnings that this was not a beginner's gig. No, it's not for beginners but as you can tell, even a beginner almost amateur as myself can do anything with enough determination. I referenced... Continue Reading →

Kitchen fixer

Tiny counter top, really old, original to the house. I was using cutting boards on top because it was impossible to clean the grouting and tiles to know it was really clean. But, the boards collected every crumb. So, I did this: Its not perfect and only temporary, but I know when I clean it,... Continue Reading →

Harper’s Turtles

I found the pattern for the turtle online at and gave it my own flare to match my niece's personality. The only issue I had was the head was too floppy. The only way I could fix it to my liking was to put a stitch in the neck and attached it to the... Continue Reading →

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