D.I.Y Flowers Supply List

Ever seen something pretty with flowers and wished you could have it but it’s just too expensive? Well, I have that same idea, yet fortunately God has given me the talents to be able to see something I like and make it myself. I want to help you find something you like and do the same. I love creating things with my hands and flowers are a big part of what I can do. Whether it be fresh flowers or silk, I want to post my creations and give instructions and supply lists so that if you like it, you can make it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you made it, the beauty means a whole lot more.

My Basic supply list is everything that you will need to create most all the items in my site.  If there is anything odd or item specific, it will be listed with that items supply list. All items listed are optional, they are tools that I have collected over the years, but improvising with what you have and can afford is perfectly acceptable.

The basic supplies in my work area:

  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors (not for wire)
  • Glue gun with glue stick for detailed & small spaces
  • Glue pan with glue pellets for dipping stems (glue gun could be sufficient)
  • Pliers (regular or needle nose)
  • Wood picks with wire 3″ & 6″
  • Floral Wire 18 or 22 gauge
  • “U” shaped greening pins
  • Pick machine w/ 3″ picks (optional due to expense,
  • less expensive hand version available at some craft stores)
  • Knife for cutting Styrofoam
  • chenille stems
  • craft glue
  • green floral tape (stem wrap)
  • green anchor floral tape (looks like skinny duct tape)

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