Harper’s Turtles

I found the pattern for the turtle online at Sew4Home.com and gave it my own flare to match my niece's personality. The only issue I had was the head was too floppy. The only way I could fix it to my liking was to put a stitch in the neck and attached it to the... Continue Reading →

Chicken Soup

Ingredients: 3-4 chicken breast, cut in bite size pieces 4-6 c water to start, add more if needed Small bag of frozen sliced carrots Small bag of frozen flat/wide green beans 2-3 c thinly sliced butternut squash 1/3 c chicken base Course ground pepper to taste Cajun seasoning to taste 3 tbsp cornstarch diluted in... Continue Reading →

Chicken and Beans

Ingredients: 2 large chicken breasts 1 can or small bag of French cut green beans 1 can of white northern beans Small bottle of Kraft Olive Oil Vinegrette Italian Instructions: In a hot skillet, place the chicken breasts. Pour the vinegrette over chicken surface only, then cook the chicken till completely cooked and can be... Continue Reading →

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