I Need the Lord

Listen:   I need the Lord more than anything. Without Him I could not function in this fallen world without going literally crazy. I have seen the dark and I didn't do well while there. Coming back to the Father's Love was the only way to enjoy what He has done for me while I'm... Continue Reading →

Show the World the Lord Through Yourself

Listen:   Everyday I hope that all people that I come in contact with can see the Love that the Lord has for them through my actions. A smile, a good deed, loving the unlovable, anonymous generosity. This fallen world does not make it easy to love others, but we have to try.

The Only Name to Remember

Listen:   Everyone has a name and most people can not remember yours. The only name that anyone should be sure to remember is Jesus. Jesus knows every ones name and never forgets, pay Him the respect of remembering Him and the price he paid to remember your name.

Do Not Fear

"God fearing people", "Put the fear of God in you." Some common things that people and preachers have said for ages and ages. Scare tactics through fire and brimstone teachings to try and get God's people to live the right and straight way that they demand of you, but what Gods expects with of course less harshness

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